The art of the Investigator

Like many of our peers, at BNP Paribas Asset Management (BNPP AM) we have access to a wealth of research and information to help us make informed investment decisions. But we believe we take a slightly different approach that we like to characterise as Investigative Curiosity.
Our global team of analysts, economists, researchers and portfolio managers have a deep understanding of sectors and business models, which when combined with proprietary research and technology, helps us to better-understand the forces set to drive the global economy over the coming years.
We bring this understanding into our investment commentary, adopting a thought-provoking approach, addressing market events from several sides, and challenging conventional thinking. It takes confidence and knowledge to generate a degree of simplicity from the complicated. To look for the good, acknowledge the bad, and unearth the ugly.
Through our Investigator Series, we apply this approach to topics that are front of mind for investors and delve into their complexities. Our approach is to read between the party lines and decipher the real meaning behind all the noise. We aim to dive deeper and explore more widely, challenging our own thinking and helping our clients to make better-informed investment decisions.
Whether it is looking at disruptors in the tech sector and the future of the FAANG group. Or the many challenges currently facing the global economy, as the reality and implications of climate change take hold and impact almost every sector and region. Through to the volatile investment world we live in today and how instability is fast-becoming the norm. Our Investigator approach gives us a distinctive and challenging view on all of these topics and many more as change continues to happen.
That’s why, at BNPP AM we shift our thinking from just asking ‘What’ to questioning ‘Why’. We don’t simply report the news that is already out there, but express a view that demonstrates our understanding of all the factors at play. We believe that informed decisions can only be made when we investigate from multiple angles. Considered insight that informs, engages and stimulates debate is developed as a result.
That’s why we investigate before we invest.

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