Infographic: Five lessons on the great instability

The fragility of the global economy and society was clear even before the Covid-19 pandemic. With the 1990s and early 2000s termed The Great Stability, today we are living through what we can call The Great Instability.
Instability comes from what we call left-tail risk, which is by definition, unexpected. But we now know to expect the unexpected. Terror attacks, international trade conflicts, public health emergencies and much more can generate far-reaching global shock waves.
But this does not mean asset managers and investors must simply sit back and wait for those waves to hit. There is much we can learn about how to weather current and future storms, whatever their nature.
We have devised five key lessons which will help us understand how global economies and societies are changing – and how this might impact investment decisions.
The Great Instability
For more on these five lessons, read the full whitepaper, ‘The Great Instability: Five lessons from COVID-19’.


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